Jerri Chou
Jerri Chou



Facilitation & Experience Design

I work with companies and organizations to design powerful, moving experiences and gatherings. From designing leadership retreats, workshops and meetings, to experiential events that connect stakeholders with important issues, I craft moments that make people come alive with inspiration and meaning. I curate a community of artists, coaches and experts to bring in the most powerful talent to your table. 


Team Optimization

I help you and your team level up and operate at your best. I do this by using a blend of eastern and western approaches to address the needs and make-up of the team with a holistic approach that looks at everything from gifts and talents, to social strengths and triggers to physical health. I also work with ventures to curate and build strong teams from the bottom up. My goal: to help you be at your best so you can realize your personal and company's mission to create the greatest impact and lives possible. 


1:1 and Ceremony 

I am a Reiki Master with students all over the world and over 5 years of practice in transformational energy and inner work. I work 1:1 clients to address blockages and issues that keep them from realizing their full potential and living healthy vibrant lives. I also hold ceremony space for individuals, communities and companies to align intentions and unlock the collective power and wisdom of community. 

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